Welcome to a law firm that exists for clients.

We work for you, in the way you like us to.

We understand that legal jargon and lawyers seeming to be sat on the fence is not what clients want. We are dedicated to providing clear, commercial and solutions-focused advice. We do this by understanding your business, objectives and culture to ensure that we help you to get where you need to be.  

We also cherish our relationships with businesses and people based outside the UK. We act for these in a manner that ensures they understand how the English system works and that their interests are protected and promoted as if they were served by a local firm.

We want to work with clients, be part of their team to act as their trusted adviser, one that understands the business needs and acts in a manner that best serves their interests and objectives.

Why Archer, Evrard & Sigurdsson?


We work in the manner that suits you; this could be on a fixed project, on a one-day-a-week basis, under a retainer, or in any other manner that fits your needs and budget.

We will always find creative alternatives with you to find a solution to fees that works for you, rather than working on a standard hourly charge out rate and to avoid any surprises on fees. 


Our lawyers are creative people. We love to help you find effective ways through transactions and problems. We think outside the box and we act for your business in the way we think best protects its interest and promotes its objectives.

We do not have a textbook for that, we rely on our extensive experience and business sense.


Minimal fuss.  Simple and succinct. You tell us what you need, we find a way to do it.

Not just words. We listen, we think, we draw alongside you and we recommend courses of actions that best suit your needs, your objectives, your goals. We work with you.

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