Debt Collection

Pricing Information - Debt Collection  

The costs in relation to collection of a debt cover our fees and third party costs that we need to pay on your behalf.  

Before commencing any debt collection work for you, we will explain: 

  • what our hourly rates are and what our fee estimate is
  • what work will be done within our fee estimate
  • how our fees will be calculated and how we have estimated our likely fees 
  • any other costs that you may incur

Our Fees – Hourly Rates and Fixed Fees 

Our hourly rates for debt collection work range between £250 and £500. Please note that our fees are subject to VAT. 

The circumstances of your case affect the work and therefore the time needed. For example, relevant factors include:

  • the complexity of factual and/or legal issues and the amount of evidence to consider
  • the conduct and location of the debtor 
  • the size of the debt
  • the level of any required disclosure and expert evidence (if any)
  • any requirement for enforcement action following judgment 

It is therefore extremely difficult to predict the total cost at the outset. 

Fixed Fees - Wherever possible we will offer fixed fees for work required, particularly in the initial stages of a dispute.   


Disbursements are costs payable to third parties in relation to your matter that will be added to your bill. Examples of potential disbursements are:


  • Court fees for which there is a scale, ranging from £35 for the lowest value claim to £10,000 for claims for £200,000 or more. 
  • Counsel’s (barrister’s) fees;
  • Expert’s fees;
  • Mediation costs - Mediator’s fees and potentially venue hire costs;


Legal Expense Insurance

Some personal and business insurance policies include cover for legal expenses. We can review any such policy that you may have and advise on whether your insurance company will cover your legal costs.

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